Technical Requirements for the Chicago Homer

The Chicago Homer has been developed in compliance with W3C standards for HTML 4.0, Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1. See http://w3c.org for details.

The Chicago Homer will display Greek properly with any Unicode font that supports precombined characters in the extended Greek character set, such as Palatino Linotype or Arial Unicode MS on the Windows side or the Helvetica font that is built into OS X.

General Performance Issues

The response time to a particular search on the Chicago Homer depends on several factors:

  1. The complexity of the search that is executed on the server
  2. The load imposed on the server by concurrent users
  3. The speed of network traffic
  4. The speed of your particular network connection (modem, cable, DSL, ethernet)

The speed of your network connection makes a big difference in the time it takes for the application to load. If you use a modem, you will find that the application loads slowly initially. A modem connection, however, does not make much difference to the speed with which the application retrieves searches of average size and complexity. You will, however, find it useful not to exceed the default setting of thirty browse lines per screen.

Some kinds of searches impose a considerable load on the server and take much longer to execute. This is particularly true of searches that specify line ranges. Search time is different than the time it takes to deliver results: some searches execute very fast, but if they retrieve a long list, it may take time to deliver the results.